Sage 200 for soft furnishings manufacturer

TSG implements Sage 200 upgrade for Musbury Fabrics

Musbury Fabrics

The customer

Established in 1933, Musbury Fabrics is a leading manufacturer, retail and contract supplier of soft furnishings and textiles located in an old textile weaving mill in Lancashire.

The business trades both nationally and internationally, offering high quality bedroom, dining room, bathroom, and made-to-measure furnishings.

"We needed a sturdier solution to drive the business forward and provide us with all of the functionality we so desperately needed."

The customer objectives

Through acquisition TSG became the preferred IT Supplier for Musbury Fabrics, an ideal transition for the business as they sought expert advice in refreshing their outdated infrastructure and software.

With the textile and furnishing industry in high demand, Musbury Fabrics required deeper reporting functionality and better management of order processes. The sales admin team were spending too much time searching through paperwork and generating ad hoc reports which was no longer feasible – they needed to produce reports faster to keep pace with their increasing order intake and production turnaround schedules.

The business had outgrown their Sage Line 100 software and needed a solution, fast.

Taking all of this on board and with a strong desire to keep up with ever-changing technology, Musbury Fabrics asked TSG to do a complete audit of their network.

Kathryn Carr, Director at Musbury Fabrics explains, ‘We knew that we couldn’t continue with our Sage Line 100 software. We needed a sturdier solution to drive the business forward and provide us with all of the functionality we so desperately needed.’

The TSG Solution

TSG completed a full audit of the infrastructure and identified an upgrade to Sage 200 as the best fit and strategic ‘next step’ for the business. TSG technical specialists also recommended the renewal of ageing hardware and servers to improve system performance and prevent any risk of downtime. 

Sage 200 is a robust accounting software platform; an ideal transition for Musbury Fabrics to provide the business with improved reporting functionality, delivering valuable business intelligence to underpin strategic decision making.

The Sage 200 suite contains a range of flexible modules which can be easily configured and adapted to suit key business processes – a major bonus for the business on improving staff efficiency and introducing improvements to departmental procedures.

Before formulating an implementation plan, TSG specialists considered the most strategic approach to carrying out the project. Talking about this stage in the project Kathryn adds, ‘We wanted to break the project into manageable chunks to manage costs and ensure that we had the least disruption to the business.’

Essentially, the project had to be carried out while the business remained fully operational, and with as little disruption to both staff and the production line as possible. On agreeing the structured approach with Musbury Fabrics, from install and data transfer to full staff training and ongoing support, TSG completed the project seamlessly.

The benefits to Musbury Fabrics

Delighted with the smooth upgrade to Sage 200, Kathryn says ‘Sage 200 has already helped us to cut down on paperwork and given our sales admin team a better tool to work with.’

The benefits to the business have been recognised instantaneously; from an operational perspective staff can manage the orders in through to production and delivery much easier thanks to the business-wide applications (including Manufacturing and Sales functions) which sit within the software suite. Seamless reporting with the business intelligence module provides staff with better information at the click of a button. Plus, with the easy export functionality dashboard views can be created for impromptu management meetings.

‘TSG also brought our hardware up-to-date which has given us the confidence that we have a reliable network in place which won’t let us down.’ Kathryn continues, ‘It’s good to know that we have a resilient system that can handle the new software we now have, especially as we adapt it more and more to suit our business demands.’

The future for TSG and Musbury Fabrics

Due to the great success of the Sage 200 upgrade and hardware refresh project, Musbury Fabrics will continue to seek expert advice from TSG as their IT Partner.

Kathryn concludes, ‘Having TSG to bounce ideas off and lean on for support is a great comfort to us. There will no doubt be future development of our IT systems as we get to grips with Sage 200 and understand how it can be further tailored to meet our needs.’