Anti-Ransomware for Housing Association

Company profile

Cassiltoun Housing Association is a charity-based organisation managed by a voluntary board of local people.

The association and its subsidiaries have relied on and trusted the technology recommendations and IT services from TSG for over 5 years.

Protected with anti-ransomware

With security and cyber-attacks hitting the headlines on a weekly basis, Cassiltoun was prompted to attend a Sophos Intercept X webinar from a TSG newsletter.

The housing association wanted to ensure that its network and end users were as secure as possible from malicious attacks, seeking guidance from experts at TSG, its trusted IT partner.

The Solution: Intercept X

Only two weeks after installing Sophos Intercept X on Cassiltoun's network and it working hard behind the scenes, a TSG Operations Analyst logged into Cassiltoun’s Sophos Central Console to add some machines to the security platform.

Alarmingly, but fortunately for the association, TSG discovered a security breach attempt had been made on the network.

Intercept X identified the attack, immediately disabled the threat on the compromised machine and restored the encrypted files.

Ultimately, Intercept X saved the association from massive disruption and considerable downtime.