Dynamics CRM solution for Lead Association for Catering in Education (LACA)

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Company profile
LACA (Lead Association for Catering in Education) represents the school food industry and offers its membership to all parties who contribute to this market sector. This includes providers (public and private sectors), client officers, consultants, suppliers and manufacturers. Individual schools may become members of the association. LACA is made up of twelve regions: English regions based upon government regional geographic structures, Wales and Scotland. The LACA subcontracts its membership administration to a company based in Chester.

The challenge
As an existing Enterprise MRM customer with the product being end of life,
LACA required a brand-new membership management solution and took the decision to move to Tribe365, a membership software package built on Microsoft CRM 2016.

The solution: Tribe 365
Already a TSG customer using the legacy membership software, LACA chose to engage with TSG to discuss how to move forward to Tribe and introduce new working processes whilst maintaining existing processes and set-up brought over from the legacy system.
Up-to-date items such as dynamic dashboards provide LACA with the ability to create and share data quickly with members and link to third-party software such as MailChimp and PCA Predict, whilst allowing LACA to continue its membership processes such as third-party payment for individual memberships, keeping partner organisation details and activities and linking with Sage accounting software.
LACA’s decision to move onto the cloud not only provided the association with the ability to use a subscription-based solution, it also means LACA reports to regional staff to have easy access to data and become GDPR-compliant in time for the new regulation enforcement.