Wise owl - technology adviceFor decades we’ve all watched movies that attempt to portray the future using far-fetched but dazzling technology scenarios conjured up from the imaginations of talented screen-writers and directors, recognised for their creative genius.

In the real world, technology for the sake of technology is a luxury that few, if any businesses can afford.  Yet there’s a risk that in dismissing the fantasy and hype of new technology developments you might miss out on opportunities to create significant business advantages.  The challenge is isolating the valuable from the frivolous and that requires the application of some basic principles and a clear insight into what will make a difference to your teams as they go about their daily tasks.

2012 was a momentous year that’s seen more new product launches from Microsoft than any other year in their history – this whitepaper offers an insight into the technologies that are within reach and that your business can harness to build best practice and yield tangible benefits.


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