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Every 40 seconds a business is hit by a Ransomware attack. Learn what to look out for to protect your business in our updated infographic.
This infographic from Deloitte looks at the key requirements for a business prioritising digital transfomation and where businesses are currently positioned.
Concur research found out that there are two kinds of finance departments in the UK: those leading the financial technology change and those who are struggling to keep up with it. Which one are you?
Are you one of the 74% of UK businesses that still uses spreadsheets and pieces of paper to manage your expenses? There's an easier way - read this infographic by Concur to find out more.
This Infographic takes you through the steps you should be taking on your journey towards GDPR compliance. Discover, control, protect, report, review.
Based on Aberdeen Group’s Computer Intelligence Dataset, there are more than 1.6 billion permutations to choose from when it comes to cloud computing solutions.
The rate at which technology advances today is just phenomenal – and everything is getting bigger, better and faster every day to accommodate consumer demands.
Have you ever wondered what devastating effect of unscheduled downtime has on businesses? From ageing equipment to human error, business downtime could have lasting consequences.
Even with the best technical security measure in place to protect your business against cybercrime, sensitive information can still be accidentally or deliberately accessed. And by who? People.
With a 3,500% increase in Ransomware attacks in 2016 alone, and the hackers showing no signs of slowing down, you need to be aware of this threat to protect yourself and the security of your business.