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Sage 200 Software Suite: Add-ons

Take your ERP to the next level

Construction solutions by EQUE2

Construction for Sage Accounts

Construction for Sage Accounts is ideal for small and medium-sized contractors looking for a solution that delivers transparency, functionality and accountability.

This comprehensive and flexible finance solution provides you with the tools to run and manage your business effectively and efficiently, helping you to increase margins, manage projects and save time and money.

Benefits of Construction for Sage Accounts

  • Integrates fully with Sage Accounts and Sage Payroll

  • HMRC legislative updates to ensure you remain compliant

  • Integrated job costing and quotations

  • Subcontractor and CIS management

  • Easy control of your applications, valuations and retentions

  • Produce advanced reports based on Microsoft Excel

  • Removes the need for data re-entry across different systems or spreadsheets and eliminates ‘islands of data’

  • Intuitive and easy to use

E-commerce solutions by Aspidistra

Sage 200 integration

With multiple warehouses, cost and profit centre analysis and all the features you’d expect to run a bigger business, Sage 200 can handle thousands of customers and tens of thousands of transactions.

If you’re a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler who needs a solution to meet your specific sector needs while integrating to an eCommerce site, Aspidistra has the solution for you.

Shopfront is the only true, real-time Sage 200-integrated solution that provides you with everything you need. It’ll allow you to sell to your customers 24/7, reduce your running costs, streamline the way you handle orders and ultimately increase your sales and productivity.

Shopfront’s Sage 200 integration features

  • Seamlessly importing data from your Sage 200 system to your ecommerce website

  • All customers can have unique login details; either retail, trade or agent accounts

  • Customer can easily view their trade agreements, price amendments and promotions through data from Sage

  • All orders are automatically posted into Sage 200 for processing, and your stock is allocated and updated in real-time

  • Quickly view all orders and confirmation emails sent to your customers in your Shopfront admin

  • Show prices from price books, apply discounts, stock discounts and product group discounts

  • Modify nominal postings including cost centre and department to access the reporting you need

  • Show stock positions from multiple warehouses, including from Bill of Materials (BoM)

  • Personalised pricing figures are presented to customers when logged in

  • Place sales orders and allocate stock for web orders

  • Easily retrieve due dates from purchase orders

  • Show account order and invoice history

  • Pay off invoices by credit card

Barcode solutions by Datalinx

Warehouse Manager 200

Warehouse Manager 200 is a flexible warehouse and inventory management system available for Sage 200 in Europe which provides real-time warehouse management using wireless handhelds.

It has all the functionalities you need to effectively manage your warehouse and inventory including batch and serial number traceability, providing a practical solution to the problem of stocktaking these products. This is particularly pertinent to the food and pharmaceutical sectors, which can often struggle with this management.

Fully integrated within the Sage 200 Commercial suite, Warehouse Manager 200 is the only Sage Certified and Sage Approved warehouse management system available in the UK and Europe.

Datalinx ensures that their customers can upgrade their Sage system as and when necessary and does not restrict them to running older versions of the Sage software.

Case study

Sage 200 BoM, IT Support & Disaster Recovery for sweet manufacturer

Tom wanted to work with a technology partner that could be continually counted upon to throw creative, solution driven ideas into the pot, and not be afraid of a challenge.

Sage 200 2013 Online for luxury British jewellery brand

Monica Vinader were using Sage 50 as their main finance system, but after continuous levels of company growth, they found that it didn’t have the functionality or capability to cope with their current or future operations.