Business Connectivity

Supplying reliable connectivity solutions to support cloud services for continuous business connectivity over the long term

  • Business communications encompasses connectivity, and connectivity underpins absolutely everything – from your emails to your internet and cloud-based applications.
  • Pretty much everything you use to stay in touch with your business and your customers relies on connectivity.
  • Fast connection speeds and reliability are essential to keep your business systems running smoothly, which means traditional ADSL services rarely cope with the demands and expectations of users.

Delivering reliable connectivity solutions to underpin cloud services


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Connectivity from TSG


Fast and reliable connections with outstanding service and support


Scalable to adapt to changing bandwidth requirements


Reliability-backed with service level agreements


Performance and reliability required to underpin cloud services


Guaranteed connection speeds for private networks


Affordable options for small businesses.

Leased lines are used by businesses that need high speed reliable internet access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing an assured high-performance service. They offer dedicated, unparalleled bandwidth ensuring that the maximum line speed is always available when required.

A leased line is a dedicated high-performance telephone connection that can carry voice, data and internet traffic. A leased line is always active unlike dial up connections.

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