Audits and Training

Addressing the biggest attack surface of your business, your staff, by providing education and training tools to ensure your people never fall for the hackers’ scams.

We help you to spot potential threats
  • To mitigate the risk to your data, we carry out extensive audits of your security. We use sophisticated tools to delve deep into your network and discover issues and vulnerabilities.
  • We also carry out internal and external port scanning to identify known vulnerabilities. Reviews are done on policies to make sure they are up to today’s standards, eg. Microsoft recommends you ban common passwords.
  • Your staff are one of the most important lines of cyber defence for your organisation. By providing education and training tools, we can help ensure your people know what to look out for when hackers try to infiltrate your organisation.
  • Awareness Training helps build your human firewall by working to give all employees a stronger sense of individual responsibility.
  • TSG combine highly engaging content with a persistent, non-intrusive training methodology to change behaviour, improve knowledge and retention regarding core security issues.

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