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Keep your systems online and alive with a strong disaster recovery plan

For most businesses, it’s unlikely that ‘disaster’ will result in loss of life, however the consequences will inevitably include significant disruption, and the financial implications could be crippling if suitable plans aren’t in place to minimise the impact. The starting point is to understand which services and which data are critical to the business. Then it’s about assessing the financial implications, which might include everything from the cost of rekeying lost data to reputational damage.

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Users can easily schedule when Datto backs up company data. A snapshot of your business data can be taken every hour if required. This information is stored in your on-site device which is then backed up to the Datto cloud. The frequency of backups needs to align to your business RPO – Recovery Point Objective, i.e. (how much data are you willing to lose) – from the points of your last back-up to when you had a disaster, as the gap is the amount of data you have lost.

A disaster recovery plan is a documented process and procedure that enables the recovery of critical IT systems and software. A well put together plan makes business continuity achievable, meaning your organisation can continue with business as usual, when a problem occurs.

Ultimately the mission-critical systems should take priority in your back-up plan to ensure you are able to operate at a functional level, for example ERP, CRM, NAV, etc. Though businesses should look to take a back-up of everything, taking intermittent snapshots so you are able to restore systems quickly in the event of a disaster such as a Ransomware attack, flood, fire etc.

Historically businesses have used a range of ways to back-up their business data, from tapes to USB drives. These methods aren’t guaranteed, continually tested, and can run into a lot of problems, from human error to lost hardware. Datto stores your data in two locations – on a local appliance and in the cloud and allows you to retrieve business-critical data quickly and efficiently allowing business continuity.  The recovery time needs to be understand by your business and this is known as RTO – Recovery Time Objective, i.e. (how much downtime) – can your business suffer, before you may lose orders, reputation, money, etc.

Disaster recovery technology ensures that your organisation’s information, including business-critical data, is safe and securely stored out of harm’s way. It also means that in the event of a disaster, such as a flood, fire or cyber-attack, you are able to access data (files/systems etc.) quickly and get your business back up and running.

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Our experts will help you to understand the potential scenarios you may face and how it will impact both your business and customers. We'll test your systems for any vulnerabilities and help you to determine the best solution for your organisation. In short, we'll support you in building a disaster recovery plan so that you have peace of mind that your systems never go offline.

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