Microsoft Teams

Embrace the modern workplace by implementing one of the most powerful collaborative tools Microsoft has to offer on the market

Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform that sits as part of the Microsoft 365 suite. Teams allows you to communicate in real time with colleagues and others, creating a virtual workspace to manage projects, hold video conferences and collaborate across locations. Microsoft Teams is an ideal solution for those organisations who have a hybrid or remote set up. 

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How does Microsoft Teams work?

Microsoft Teams features include: 

  • Chatting to colleagues in real time 
  • Searching messages  
  • File sharing and storage with OneDrive  
  • Communication and collaboration with external organisations backed by a secure infrastructure 
  • Recording meetings and obtaining auto-generated transcripts 
  • Advanced IT and security features to keep sensitive information safe 

SharePoint & Microsoft Teams: A match made in cloud heaven

With Microsoft Teams you can integrate your Microsoft SharePoint hub site and team sites so that employees can access whatever documents they need through the Microsoft Teams platform. This means, no matter where they are or what device they use, they can access, collaborate, and communicate through their virtual workspace on Microsoft Teams. 

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Collaboration in real time: Microsoft Teams Project Management 

Microsoft Teams goes beyond simply calling and chatting to colleagues; it can be an incredibly powerful tool for different departments to manage projects.  

You can create a dedicated Microsoft Teams site to collaborate with members of your project. Blending in the calendar to book video meetings, using tasks and to-do lists to monitor project progress and integrating more Microsoft tools such as Power Automate mean that Microsoft Teams can house everything your teams need on its flexible and powerful platform.  


Empower your colleagues wherever they are with the Microsoft Teams app 

The modern workplace leverages the cloud to keep your organisation together, ensuring your team has access to important information and access to people, regardless of where they are or what device they use. 

The Microsoft Teams app will allow your organisation to communicate and collaborate on the go so that they stay connected.  

Bring your organisation to the masses in real time with Microsoft Teams Live Events and Teams Webinars 

With Microsoft Teams you’ll be able to organise both internal and external webinars, with live Q&A features and the ability to send a recording of the session to those who were unable to attend. What’s even better is you can brand the webinar with Microsoft Teams background, to match your company’s brand identity.  

In addition, you can make your webinars more interactive with PowerPoint Live, polling functionality, breakout rooms and other features so you can ensure your audience is engaged with you. 

Accessibility goes further, with Teams producing meeting transcripts.   

Simply plug in and go. Microsoft Teams will do the rest. 

Microsoft Teams case study: How we helped Adra to implement Microsoft Teams

Learn how we helped housing association Adra to foster a new work culture with Microsoft Teams and enable their workforce to build a Teams infrastructure that worked for them. 

Case Study: Microsoft Teams to support a new work culture for Adra

Is Microsoft Teams part of Microsoft 365?

As a key component of the Modern Workplace, Teams is available with the vast majority of Office and M365 licences. To take Teams to the next level, you will need some advice from one of our productivity experts, who can explain how to optimise productivity by using OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint in close partnership.

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Resolving Microsoft Teams issues (UK)  

If you’ve already got Microsoft Teams for your organisation, but are struggling with any issues related to it, or feel you aren’t getting the most out of it that you can, our experts can step in to give you a helping hand.  

Learn more about TSG Training. 

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