Backup Services (Cloud/On-Premises)

Our Backup Services provide secure and customisable backup solutions for cloud and on-premises data, protecting against cyber attacks, natural disasters, and hardware failures.

Protect your business data like a fortress with our reliable and secure backup services – whether on the cloud or on-premises, your valuable information is safe and sound, ready to be restored at a moment’s notice.

Our backup service provides an end-to-end solution for securing your business’s data, no matter the size or type. We understand that businesses increasingly rely on digital infrastructure, making a backup service an essential part of any business’s data protection plan. Our backup service is designed to be reliable, secure, and cost-effective, allowing businesses to protect their data without breaking the bank.

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The safety net of TSG’s backup services

Having a reliable and secure backup service in place provides businesses with peace of mind knowing that their data is protected and can be easily restored in the event of a data loss scenario. Not only does it provide a safety net against accidental data loss, such as an accidental deletion or a hard drive crash, but it could also protects against malicious attacks like ransomware, which can encrypt and lock up data until a ransom is paid.

Without a backup service, businesses risk losing valuable data that could impact their operations, finances, and reputation. The potential costs of data loss can be significant, not just in terms of monetary losses, but also in terms of time, resources, and customer trust.


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Protect your business's vital information

Our cutting-edge backup service provides automatic, cloud-based backups for all your crucial data, providing an impenetrable shield against any possible disasters. We also provide both on-site and off-site backup alternatives, as well as the freedom to access your data from any device, anytime. With our backup service, you can relax and be confident that your business’s information is protected, secure, and easily accessible at all times.

Effortlessly Protect Your Valuable Data

Our backup service is not only automatic and secure, but it also offers seamless setup and maintenance, taking the burden off your shoulders.

Never Miss a Beat with Continuous, Incremental Backup

Our continuous, incremental backup method guarantees that you never have to wait for a complete backup to finish.

Flexibility and Security at Your Fingertips

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our flexible backup solutions that cater to both cloud-based and on-premises storage.

Economical and Scalable Solutions

Our backup service is cost-effective and offers extensive scalability, allowing you to adapt to changing storage needs effortlessly.

Complete and Dependable Data Protection

Our backup service offers comprehensive data protection, ensuring that all your valuable data is secured, backed up, and ready to be restored in case of a crisis.

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Discover the Power of TSG’s Backup Services

✔️ Secure Your Data Against Accidental Loss

Our backup solutions offer a safety net against unintentional data loss caused by human error or hardware malfunction.

✔️ Shield Your Data Against Malicious Threats

Protect your data against malicious threats, such as ransomware, by storing your data in a secure and encrypted manner.

✔️ Restore Your Data with Ease

Our backup solutions make data restoration a breeze in the event of data loss. This allows you to quickly retrieve data and get back to normal operations.

✔️ Elevated Data Security

Our backup services add an extra layer of security to your data, providing a secure and encrypted environment for sensitive information.

✔️ Compliance and Peace of Mind

We’ll help you stay compliant with industry regulations and legal requirements, giving you peace of mind knowing that your data is protected, and you are always in compliance with regulations.

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