Disaster Recovery Testing

At TSG, we specialise in helping organisations like yours to increase their preparedness and response capabilities through Disaster Recovery (DR) exercises. By testing your BCP, you can identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure that your team is ready to respond effectively in the event of an incident.

Disaster Recovery Planning for businesses

Keep your systems online and alive with a strong disaster recovery plan

For most businesses, it’s unlikely that ‘disaster’ will result in loss of life, however the consequences will inevitably include significant disruption, and the financial implications could be crippling if suitable plans aren’t in place to minimise the impact.

Why do you need disaster recovery testing?

Disaster recovery testing isn’t just about being better prepared for the unexpected, it’s also about ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page. An exercise will evaluate the framework businesses have in place for communicating with stakeholders, both internal and external, to ensure that everyone receives timely updates and information. This can be crucial in avoiding confusion and ensuring a cohesive response to an incident.

✔️ Improved Preparedness: Anticipate and Prepare for Potential Risks

Imagine a world where your business is fully prepared to tackle any unexpected disruptions. With Disaster Recovery testing, you can be ready to face any challenge that comes your way. By regularly testing your Business Continuity Plan (BCP), you can anticipate and prepare for potential risks and minimise the impact on your operations.

✔️ Improved Response Time: Mobilise Personnel and Resources Quickly and Efficiently

When an incident occurs, having a tried and tested incident response plan in place ensures that the necessary personnel and resources are mobilised quickly and efficiently. This means that the right people are dealing with the problem at the right time, improving response time and reducing the overall cost and disruption associated with an incident.

✔️ Improved Communication: Ensure All Stakeholders Are on the Same Page

Effective communication is key during any incident, and Disaster Recovery exercises evaluate the framework you have in place for communicating with stakeholders. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, and all stakeholders receive timely updates and information.

✔️ Improved Recovery: Identify Potential Blockers and Get Your Business Up and Running Quickly

By testing your BCP, you can identify any potential blockers to getting your business back up and running as quickly as possible, ultimately reducing the financial impact of the incident and improving recovery time. In addition, regular testing of your BCP can help to ensure that you are compliant with any legal or regulatory requirements, protecting your organisation from potential fines or penalties.

✔️ Improved Compliance: Stay Compliant with Legal and Regulatory Requirements

At TSG, we take a proactive approach to Disaster Recovery testing. Our comprehensive planning, expert guidance, and customised solutions ensure that your organisation is always protected. Our scalable exercises grow with your organisation, ensuring that you are always prepared for any unexpected events.

Our comprehensive approach to Disaster Recovery Testing provides a range of benefits that can help to reduce the overall cost and disruption associated with an incident, ultimately reducing your organisation's risk. By working with our expert teams, you can expect:

Comprehensive planning

Our Disaster Recovery Testing teams provide an extensive and comprehensive exercise plan to address all potential outcomes.

Expert guidance

We offer expert guidance to ensure that the exercise is well thought out and executed effectively.

Proactive approach

Our teams take a proactive approach to ensure that threats are identified and addressed before they become an issue.

Customised solutions

We create custom exercises for each organisation, taking into account their unique needs.


We are able to scale exercises as your organisation grows, ensuring that you are always protected.

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