Employee Security Awareness Training

Our Employee Security Awareness Training solutions provide comprehensive and engaging training to equip employees with the knowledge and skills to identify and prevent cyber security threats.

Minimise business risk by training your employees to spot potential threats

Are you aware that most cyber breaches are caused by end users inadvertently triggering attacks as they are unaware of what to look for (phishing emails/online messages) or how to work securely? While having all the technical controls in place is vital, they’re only as effective as the weakest link. ​

That’s where TSG’s security awareness training comes in.

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Staff Security Awareness Training (Classroom)

Our committed internal training team at TSG provides end-user training through either virtual Teams sessions or in-person delivery. Our training program is tailored to cover the six essential aspects of cyber security best practices. It ensures that your workforce comprehends the potential vulnerabilities, consequences, and preventive measures required to safeguard your business.

Our training curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Physical security of devices
  • Creating strong passwords
  • Reaping the benefits of multi-factor authentication
  • Applying updates
  • Avoiding phishing scams
  • Adopting best practices for sharing information
Endpoint Security

Security Awareness Training (Digital)

TSG’s online security awareness training delivers effective recurring cyber security training throughout the year, through modern sitcom-like 3-minute videos, building on characters we can all recognise. The solution tracks risk scores for employees using predictive analytics, meaning this can be tailored to individual users who need it most.

Our out-of-the-box phishing templates are customised to your specific needs and come with a sleek and professional corporate design. In addition, we seamlessly integrate with your existing email security through our online portal.

You can rest assured that your employees will receive top-notch training and phishing simulations. We even dedicate a full service day each year to refresh our templates and provide any necessary ad-hoc configuration work.

security user awareness training

What are the benefits of security awareness training for your staff?

We are all aware of the current security solutions we have in place to protect our clients using a combination of hardware devices and software solutions. However, this technology can only go so far in protecting organisations. Increasingly, the biggest factor of threats is now aimed at users. With regular training, users will be educated and aware of these threats and can play a pivotal role in detecting and defending against cyber attacks.

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What does the training content cover?




PCI DSS compliance

HIPAA compliance


CEO/wire fraud

Data in motion

Office hygiene


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Why choose TSG for end user security training?

end user security training


Our team of security experts has years of experience in the field, and we stay up-to-date on the latest threats and trends to ensure that our training content is always relevant and effective.

end user security training


We understand that every organisation has unique security needs and challenges, which is why we work with you to customise our training content to address your specific concerns.

end user security training


We know that traditional security training can be boring and ineffective, which is why we use interactive and engaging training methods that are proven to be more effective at driving behavioural change.

end user security training


We offer a range of training options, from in-person workshops to online courses, to accommodate your organisation’s needs and preferences.

end user security training

Measurable results

We believe that training should be more than just a checkbox exercise – it should deliver measurable results. That’s why we track and report on key metrics to demonstrate the impact of our training on your organisation’s security posture.

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