Cyber Incident Response & Recovery

Protect your organisation from the devastating impact of cyber attacks with our comprehensive Cyber Incident Response & Recovery service. With our help, you will be prepared for the unexpected and have the ability to respond quickly.

At TSG, we understand the critical importance of having a comprehensive plan in place to respond to and recover from cyber incidents. Which is why we have partnered with global intelligence and cyber security consultancy S-RM, to deliver a bespoke cyber incident support service designed specifically for SME’s, providing you with the expertise and resources necessary to respond quickly and effectively to cyber threats.​

S-RM is a global intelligence and cyber security consultancy. They have 350+ experts and advisors across nine international offices. Headquartered in London, they have offices in Utrecht, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Rio, and Washington DC.​

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Immediate Access to Expert Advice

Our cyber incident support is a low-cost, yearly service which provides you with immediate access to expert incident response advice in the event of a serious cyber incident.​

Provided by a team of experienced technical incident responders, extortion specialists, and cyber crisis management experts, the service responds to serious incidents such as social engineering attacks, invoice redirection, ransomware attacks, insider threats, unauthorised access to systems.​

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24/7 Emergency Hotline

Our service provides a dedicated 24/7 emergency hotline, giving immediate access to specialists that have handled 1000s of incidents for businesses across the globe. You’ll receive advice and recommendations on containment activities, forensics analysis and recommendations for legal partners along with cyber crisis communications support.​

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Rapid Response Times

Timely and effective cyber incident support can dramatically reduce the impact of system outages, ensuring the availability of critical data and services.​

TSG will respond to a notification of a cyber incident within 30 minutes and immediately triage to identify, contain, and remediate any damage done by malicious actors.

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Why choose TSG for cyber incident response and recovery?

✔️ TSG will work closely with S-RM from the beginning to ensure prompt investigation and remediation

✔️ Immediate advice from cyber crisis and extortion specialists

✔️ Experienced teams for technical triage and response strategy

✔️ Guidance on containment, forensics, legal, and crisis communications support

✔️ Free quarterly security awareness workshops with threat updates

✔️ Cyber security welcome pack with core topic guidance

✔️ Exclusive access to S-RM Academy cyber training program

✔️ Weekly S-RM cyber intelligence threat briefing subscription

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