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Take control of your sensitive documents and records with a robust EDRM system


What is EDRM?

EDRM stands for electronic document and records management. With an EDRM system, both physical and digital documents and records can be created, managed, used, stored, and securely disposed of. It also has compliance built in on top of that helping organisations meet GDPR and other compliance requirements. 

Why do I need an EDRM for my business? 

If you deal with a large volume of documents every day, it can be overwhelming to keep track of them. In addition, collaborating with internal and external parties on them can be difficult to manage and you could be getting lost with different versions of documents.  

The challenges you’ll face include: 

  • Always having to make sure documents are filed in the right location for relevant employees to access 
  • The average time spent looking for the right documents being high due to multiple locations to check 
  • Questionable security – you’re unsure if documents are secure and only accessible by the people who require access to them 
  • Compliance with GDPR and other regulatory requirements 
  • Not understanding the full breadth of applications Microsoft 365 has for document management and collaboration 
  • Not being confident of ‘what to use when’ across shared drives, OneDrive Teams and SharePoint to store and retrieve documents 

SharePoint as your EDRM

You need to be sure that the platform you’re using makes it as easy as possible to manage documents, enables collaboration, integrates with other applications, and has compliance built into its system. 

That’s why our EDRM solution is built on Microsoft SharePoint, which carries numerous benefits including: 

  • M365 compliance and governance features 
  • Improved collaboration between your teams 
  • Continued investment and development from Microsoft 
  • Enhanced security features 
  • Mobility and device agnostic  
  • Evergreen software-as-a-service solution, meaning it won’t go out of date anytime soon 

Even more benefits of choosing TSG’s EDRM…

  • Migration from legacy systems 
  • Configurable and scalable information architecture  
  • Integration with other systems 
  • Document Automation options 
  • Standardised approach to implementation  

EDRM for housing associations  

Our housing team are specialists in Microsoft and have a wealth of experience moving housing associations from legacy housing management (HM) systems to modern up to date solutions, as well as integrating our SharePoint EDRM with the Housing Management and other business systems. 

Housing Associations Our People

What our customers say

“The project was managed extremely well; the design and deployment of our solution was rapid thanks to the talent and drive displayed by both organisations. Through this collaboration we developed a great partnership based upon mutual understanding and respect.” 

Castles & Coasts Housing Association 

“We adopted a Microsoft-first approach, simply because it gave us a suite of tools that would all interact and talk with one another, that we could then utilise to talk to our existing legacy systems, giving us a common platform to expand and develop from.” 

Grand Union Housing Group 

Going for Gold with TSG’s EDRM

Learn more about TSG’s EDRM and how it can support housing associations. 

Going for Gold with TSG’s SharePoint EDRM Solution

Find our EDRM offer on Microsoft AppSource and G Cloud

If you’re interested in learning more about our EDRM, you can visit our pages on the Microsoft AppSource website and G Cloud. 

Microsoft AppSource G Cloud

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