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Hosted Telephony

The future of connectivity

UK businesses are at risk as BT Openreach announced they are due to kill off ISDN network services by 2025. This change will affect hundreds of thousands of UK companies.
Find out why businesses across the UK are embracing the cloud and adopting a hosted telephony solution. We have webinars running, register here.

What is hosted telephony?

Moving your telephone system to cloud services removes the need for telephone hardware, and eliminates costly PBX upgrades and maintenance costs.

The combination of improvements in connectivity, the flexibility of SIP trunks and the ongoing demise of ISDN, along with BT announcing a target end date of 2025, make Hosted Telephony the logical choice when you’re looking to replace your existing system.

With communication embedded as a fundamental element of the ICT environment, experts at TSG boast an in-depth understanding of all the components required to deliver a successful hosted solution including WAN, voice and data connectivity requirements.

osted Telephony

In simple terms, hosted telephony is a telephone system that resides in the cloud rather than your office, removing the need for a PBX, with calls made and received over a broadband connection.

Head office and branch office locations connect to the Gamma Horizon cloud platform via an assured connection service (shown in green on the diagram above). This guarantees the call quality and performance.

Roaming users connect using softphone clients over whatever bandwidth they have available at their location (shown in yellow on the diagram).

The calls are managed and controlled centrally by the Gamma Horizon Hosted Telephony platform and inbound and outbound calls are passed to the normal voice (PSTN) network (shown in grey on the diagram) for all communication outside the organisation.

Hosted telephony overview

  • Simple configuration

  • Flexible roaming options

  • Removes need for on premise PBX

  • Removes need for ISDN lines

Traditional Telephony vs. Hosted Telephony


    • PBX generally required at each site.
    • Line rental via ISDN.
    • Inflexible CLI moves between exchanges.
    • Ongoing annual maintenance.
    • Software upgrades.
    • Upfront Capex cost model.
    • Limited access to admin and ability to provide MACs.

    • PBX no longer required.
    • ISDN and associated rental costs removed for secure IP.
    • All features and functionality held in resilient datacentres.
    • Maintenance and upgrades are included in the service.
    • Administration, MACs etc. via web interface.
    • Feature access available at end-user level.
    • Flexible number presentation.
    • Non-geographic dependant service.

Hosted telephony benefits

  • Minimal capital expenditure

  • Disaster recovery inbuilt

  • Simple, futureproof system

  • Become a truly mobile business

  • Potential for savings

  • Geography no longer a constraint

  • Quality of Service (QoS)

    TSG telecoms expert, Warren Free presents a short presentation explaining Quality of Service (QoS) and its importance in relation to hosted telephony


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