Modern Workplace

Modernising legacy tech and processes to improve business performance.

  • The right IT support service understands the modern digital workplace
  • When you’re looking for support when moving to modern workplace, or looking to enhance your existing infrastructure, the best IT partner is the one that understands what value a new set up will have over your existing set up. You need a partner that can help create that value, beyond what you think you might need.
  • We are one of the only IT service providers in the UK with both extensive expertise across the Microsoft platform and a comprehensive, customisable managed IT services offering
  • We are also one of the few IT service providers in the UK that hold ISO 27001 accreditation, which means we’re independently recognised for safeguarding customer data.
  • With a strong national presence and focus on quality, ownership and passion, we can scale your needs with our expansive presence, expertise and relationship with Microsoft. We don’t believe in over-promising and under-delivering. We aim to get things right, the first time
  • To help you make the most of your technologies, we develop an understanding of your business – and because every organisation is different, we make sure that you have a dedicated point of contact so you can get the answers your business needs.
  • Your point of contact will act as a natural extension of your IT team – mapping out your goals and finding ways to improve processes and efficiencies, while also being available to answer your questions.

What is the modern workplace?

Modern workplace refers to the use of modern technologies to decentralise operations, extend reach, and access a larger talent pool. Essentially, it’s a digital-first approach to working, moving away from legacy systems and manual working methods.

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Training that empowers your team

Technical knowledge is vital to scaling your IT services, but we know not everyone has the same level of skills and knowledge on your team.

So, we offer exclusive training to help you get up to speed faster and more effectively. No matter what the knowledge gaps are, we’ll work with you to structure a training program that addresses these and helps your team to get the most out of the technology they’re using.

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Enabling productivity without sacrificing security

We know productivity is essential for growing and scaling your business, especially in challenging times. But that doesn’t mean productivity should be the be-and and end-all. If your IT infrastructure, devices and data aren’t managed properly and secured, it could cause a wave of trouble for your business – from suffering a significant data breach, to losing your customers’ trust, to potentially being fined millions of pounds for regulatory violations and damaging your reputation beyond repair.

As a Microsoft partner, we have access to all the latest technology solutions, including advanced notifications on new features coming.

What do modern workplace solutions look like?


The cloud holds the key to agility and innovation

The cloud is a futureproof solution that won’t leave your business stuck in the past playing catch up. Since data and applications are housed in the cloud, employees can access them from anywhere – making work from home far more effective and productive. Plus, it’s a big cost saver as businesses will need less office space, further reducing rental and utility payments.



Subscription-based services in the cloud

Software is an expensive resource for businesses. By switching to subscription-based services cloud, you may be able to and no longer need to maintain separate software packages for every device in your organisation.

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Access to the same technologies as enterprise organisations - for less

As a mid-size business, the cloud is a great way to level the playing field with larger businesses. Even with smaller budgets, you can access the same technologies as larger businesses without having to invest in expensive data centre resources and highly skilled IT personnel. That’s what our team is here to do for you.

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Digital transformation starts with the cloud

While it isn’t a one-app solution, digital transformation is a must for the modern business. With the right cloud strategy and solutions, we can help your business to securely do more, streamline processes and save money. But more importantly, by switching to the cloud, you can bring new products and services to market quicker.

Cloud Services

Microsoft Modern Workplace

The utilises the Microsoft 365 suite to enable businesses to work anywhere, thanks to the cloud. In fact, when we’re talking about the modern workplace ecosystem, Microsoft 365 plays a huge role in that. Depending on your licence, you can also build a strong solution just for your organisation.

Microsoft Microsoft 365

SharePoint & Microsoft Teams: Collaboration & Communication

SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are a staple for everyday productivity, communication and collaboration between your employees and any other parties you work with outside of your organisation. Take a look at just how these platforms can help support and enable your workforce.

Microsoft Teams Microsoft Sharepoint

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