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Building Your Perfect Cloud Service

According to Aberdeen Group’s Computer Intelligence Dataset, there are more than 1.6 billion permutations to choose from in the cloud.

So what, on the face of it, appears to be pretty simple is actually both complex and dynamic regardless of whether you’re in the market for networking, storage, servers, backup and DR,  virtualisation or applications.

Our aim is to guide you in making the best decisions and choices for your business, helping contribute to improvements in uptime, availability, efficiency and agility – and, in most instances, cash flow and accelerated return on investment.

Even the catch-all term ‘cloud’ itself has the potential to confuse and that’s before you throw in IaaS, PaaS, private, public and hybrid to add to the mix.

In essence, it’s actually racks of servers in remote datacentres connected to users and devices via the internet or private networks. Those servers offer a myriad of different services and an extensive range of different delivery models as the distinction between infrastructure and apps becomes increasingly blurred.

We have our Chief Technology Officer Paul Burns the challenge of telling you 5 things to know about Cloud Computing, in 60 seconds! Watch the video now:

One thing that is clear is that cloud computing is here for the long-term and actually most of us have been using cloud computing services for some time, especially in our personal lives.

In a business context, it’s critical to ensure that cloud computing strategy is aligned to the wider business strategy with due consideration around integration and the technology roadmap.

We've created a cloud computing infographic which may help guide your decision making processes - just click on the image below to view the full infographic...

Cloud Computing infographic

New possibilities with your cloud services

We’re constantly evaluating new technologies, looking to identify those that will have a genuinely transformational impact on our customers.

It’s crucial to be confident that these ‘disruptive’ models offer robust, long-term alternatives before adopting them as part of our broad technology offer.

In Datto, TermSet and Gamma Horizon we believe we’ve found three solutions that will make a significant difference.

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