Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting for your business

Migrating your data and applications into a hosted or Cloud environment – sometimes referred to as a virtual datacentre – can be fraught with complications, with an increasingly complex array of options and considerations determining the most effective solution.

Our aim at TSG is always to ensure that we build your solution based on a clear understanding of your business objectives that results in efficiencies and improvements in your operations and processes.

Whilst you don’t need to understand exactly what’s going on under the bonnet of your technology, a useful starting point is to understand the role played by each element in the hosting services mix.

Public Cloud

Typically when individual businesses take a secure area within a shared platform to deliver a service such as Office 365 which can now include Dynamics CRM and NAV online subscriptions. It’s important to understand that there are limited configuration possibilities and you might experience compatibility issues, especially around integration with third party applications.

However, the public cloud offers a highly resilient and geo-diverse platform and requires the lowest level of management of all of the options.

Private Cloud

Refers to dedicated resources within a third party datacentre and can be delivered in three different ways: colocation, IaaS or PaaS. Colocation refers to customer owned and managed equipment and platforms; IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, effectively allows customers to rent the server space required on which to run part or all of the business’s applications; PaaS, or Platform as a Service, is similar to IaaS but also provides the operating system as part of the monthly cost. In each case, the datacentre is responsible for maintaining a secure environment that offers redundant power supplies and redundant cooling systems. This set up provides benefits for businesses with a geographically spread workforce or multiple locations, and also removes the need to invest in a proper server room environment.


Refers to solutions that are part on-premise, part public and/or part private cloud. Industry opinion is that this will be the most common model for businesses at the point of server refresh. Our expertise at TSG is in configuring a combination that will suit your business perfectly, whether your requirement is to accommodate a legacy system or your preference is not to store commercially sensitive data in a public cloud. It might be advantageous to capture data from field workers in a private cloud but run your business management (CRM / ERP) applications using an on-premise server.

To help you understand how hosting services will fit into your future plans, we’ve developed TSG’s Cloud Readiness Assessment to facilitate a comprehensive audit taking into consideration the key factors that will determine your optimum solution.

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