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It’s clear from the continuing stream of high profile cases featured in the media that cyber criminals don’t discriminate and with more than 200,000 pieces of new malicious code generated every single day it can be difficult to know where to start in protecting your business.

At one time, the perimeter of your system was relatively easy to define but IT security has been made more complicated by the proliferation of mobile devices, BYOD and remote access to systems.

None of the devices that you and your team need to run your business exist in isolation and that’s why at TSG, we believe the most effective solution is the UTM – or Unified Threat Management – from Sophos, providing an integrated combination of web content filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall and endpoint security to ensure your hardware, software and IT infrastructure is fully protected.

To protect from email borne threats, which remains high on the list of priorities for any business, our partner of choice is Symantec™ Email, backed by one of the world’s largest malware research organizations.

However, it’s critical to understand that technology should also be supported by the application of best practice in implementing IT security policies and processes.

After all, it’s not only the digital threat from malicious files that’s a major problem, negligence, ignorance or plain misuse can all contribute to breaches in IT security.

Wireless Security

With Sophos UTM your business can simplify its wireless protection with a centralised Wi-Fi management and security system.
Sophos UTM allows you to set up, manage and secure wireless networks using Sophos access points and that means all your wireless users get the same level of security as if they were physically connected to the LAN. Find out more...

Network Security

Stop sophisticated attacks and advanced threats with Sophos UTM in your business, while protecting your network and providing access to authorised users. Find out more...

This podcast featuring TSG expert Paul Burns discusses all the latest IT Security information, and what businesses can do to best protect themselves from cyber attacks:

IT Security Roadshow: September 2015. Our National Technical Director Paul Burns teams up with Sophos as part of an IT Security roadshow event – you can see highlights of this event in the video below, which includes a rundown of what hackers are targeting within businesses, and how they’re going about it today:


Some useful videos from our security partner Sophos

Think before you click


Don't get tricked: IT Security tips


Stay alert

James Lyne on ATPs (Advance Persistent Threats)


This video features Steve Cox, Chief Operating Officer at TSG and James Lyne, Director of Technology Strategy at Sophos giving you a view of the scale of IT security's importance, as well as giving a practical demonstration of how a hacker's mind really works, and how safe your ipads and mobile devices really are: 

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