Unified Comms and Converging Technologies

The way we communicate is becoming increasingly varied, with the vast majority of businesses adopting the full mix of instant messaging, video conferencing, email, etc. along with traditional telephony and voicemail systems.

At one time, each element was delivered through a distinct system but it’s possible to bring everything together through a single solution.

Unified Comms in the workplace

Technologies such as Microsoft’s Lync and Mitel’s MiCollab are making genuinely unified solutions a reality that’s within the reach of many businesses. In fact, at TSG we’re in the process of removing standard telephones from the desks of 50% of our 500 strong team.

We understand from first-hand experience that implementing a unified communications solution is a decision that should be based on the benefits and efficiencies that it will bring to the business and will rarely be driven purely by cost savings.

Delivering such systems effectively requires significant knowledge and expertise in IT infrastructure and technology solutions, at the same time as recognising that any system is inevitably underpinned by reliable, fit-for-purpose connectivity.

It’s a combination that traditional telecoms providers are likely to struggle with, where our experience across technical systems and business applications puts us at a distinct advantage.

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