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You don't know what you don't know.

70% of Microsoft applications are underutilised, meaning there’s likely a significant knowledge gap within your team.

Introducing new technology into an organisation brings with it challenges as people must adapt to new ways of working, along with getting to grips with using the application and or device.

At TSG we’ve developed an approach to supporting and enabling our customers to make the process of new technology introduction and end user adoption more straightforward, increasing the likelihood of success.

Why TSG?


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5000+ attendees at training sessions and counting


Average satisfaction score of 8.91


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Training as a Service (TaaS)

TSG’s TaaS focuses on long term support of people development, in three phases:

Phase 1: Prepare (2-6 weeks)
We’ll work together to define the objectives of the project, complete a Training Need Analysis to determine what end users need to know about using Microsoft 365. Following on from this we’ll create a delivery plan, develop the content and establish a current usage benchmark against which we will evaluate progress.

Phase 2: Delivery (4-20 weeks)
In this phase we will deliver the training to end users, evaluate the activities and liaise with you throughout, making any adjustments and updates needed to maintain effectiveness.

Phase 3: Ongoing development (24-60 months)
We’ll work with you over the longer term, providing ongoing Training as a Service. This is about continuing the journey you and your end users have started, maintaining capability, supporting induction for new starters, and increasing knowledge of the full suite of apps in Microsoft 365 across your entire team.


Training as a Project (TaaP)

TaaP includes short term ‘one off’ activities that aim to increase

Knowledge – people know more about the technology they have at their fingertips
Confidence – to use it effectively
Efficiency – develop ways of working, improve process
Productivity – get more done, save time
Collaboration – working together across applications, locations, teams

It also gives you a fantastic return on your investment in IT which has a positive impact on your organisation’s goals and objectives.

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Join our TSG Academy

TSG Academy is a dedicated platform crafted exclusively for our clients, designed to bolster your learning and professional growth alongside the technologies provided by TSG. Tailored to elevate the competencies and expertise of your frontline people, managers, and strategic thinkers within your organisation, TSG Academy offers a range of benefits. It grants you access to weekly live sessions conducted by TSG’s subject matter experts and provides an expansive digital content library that you can readily access. Whether your goal is to fortify your skills, expand your knowledge, or maintain a competitive edge in your industry, TSG Academy is your portal to excellence.

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Our 5 step capability development plan

We’ll begin with a discovery session and will discuss:

  • How M365 is being used now
  • How you want it to be used
  • The level of capability the people in your organisation have
  • What you want them to be able to do
  • Timescales for delivery
  • Establish the success criteria

We’ll develop a solution that will ensure you receive the right support from our experts.

  • Based on discovery session outcomes
  • Designed to address your specific needs
  • Range of training options to achieve objectives
  • High level plan for delivery
  • Based on objectives established during discovery
  • Timescales and delivery methods detailed
  • Milestones for activities
  • Session and delegate planning

Training ‘roll-out’

  • Deliver the training plan
  • Evaluate progress ‘as we go’ via milestones
  • Report on activities

Success criteria

  • Set out during discovery
  • Evaluate delivery
    • Timescales
    • Delegate satisfaction
  • Evaluate new position against pre-project
    • Capability
    • Usage

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