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As a Gamma Platinum Partner with expertise in all Gamma solutions, we're perfectly placed to implement these solutions

"As one of our fastest-growing partners, TSG thoroughly deserves to be awarded our highest level of accreditation. We’ve been working with TSG for five years and have witnessed the business grow from strength to strength in offering our telephony solutions. TSG has progressed from Accredited Partner to Gold and then Platinum Partner status at a fantastic rate, and we look forward to taking this strong partnership forward."

Louise Fairley, Partner Programme Manager, Gamma

Gamma Platinum Partner status

We're delighted to be accredited as a Gamma Platinum Partner, having moved quickly from Accredited Partner to Gold Partner to the highest partner status available.

Why choose TSG for a Gamma solution?

  • Fastest-growing partner, moving quickly to Platinum Partner Status

  • Expertise in all Gamma, telephony and connectivity solutions

  • Experts accredited as Horizon Champions, the highest technical qualification

  • High-level engagement with the delivery team at Gamma to influence solutions

  • Access to VIP support

  • Strategic input on product development based on our customers' needs

  • Platinum Partner - the highest partner status

“We only see this partnership growing stronger, particularly with the announcement that BT will kill off IDSN in 2025. Customers must consider their options well ahead of this deadline and we’ve been showing them the benefits a hosted solution can offer.”

 Warren Free, Senior Telecoms Specialist, TSG

Why choose a Gamma solution?

  • A trusted, high-quality provider, hosting 40% of all UK business voice traffic

  • In-built disaster recovery options for peace of mind and maximum availability

  • A full unified comms suite which encompasses voice, instant messaging, video conferencing and more

  • Multiple Comms Business awards for customer service, products and operator of the year

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