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Sophos Phish Threat

Address the biggest threat to your business: your end users

Cyber security is undoubtedly an ongoing battle within businesses. It's a familiar story where businesses aren’t protected from cyber threats until an employee clicks a malicious link and it’s all too late. This can come at a substantial cost, and negatively affect a company’s reputation.

Educating your staff is paramount to avoiding unnecessary cyber infiltrations. Sophos Phish Threat allows you to do just that.

Over 90% of Ransomware attacks were successful via the use of emails, and using Sophos Phish Threat to create simulated phishing emails, businesses are able to use this tool to educate staff and identify the potential threat posed by frontline staff.

Using advanced reporting, Phish Threat users can monitor which employees have opened the ‘phishing’ emails and educate them with Sophos' materials. This will reduce the largest attack surface in a business – its end users.

Using the fully customisable campaigns and training modules, Sophos Phish Threat allows businesses to advance their internal security awareness, reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and translate results into easily-formatted reports.

What do I get with Sophos Phish Threat?

  • Manage simulated phishing campaigns.

  • On-demand phishing assessments.

  • Personalised training for end users caught out by a simulated attack.

  • Automated reporting on phishing and training results.