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Synchronised Security

Accelerated discovery of advanced threats

IT security solutions from Sophos 

Sophos Synchronised Security Heartbeat is a revolutionary IT security solution that allows your Sophos endpoint and firewall to talk to each other. This creates heightened security to minimise downtime to a business, and to isolate any attacks that may be attempted.

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We consider Sophos XG appliances and Sophos Heartbeat software to be a significant innovation that can raise security performance standards for medium-sized organisations.

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For too long, IT security has treated network security, endpoint security and data security as separate entities. In the forever developing world of digital technology, and with more and more businesses digitally transforming, this needs to change for businesses to remain secure.

Sophos Heartbeat

Sophos Synchronised Security allows these once separate tools to talk to each other, sharing intelligence in real-time across your endpoint and firewall. By doing so, it allows for a far more advanced security system. It’s a simple idea, yet it's groundbreaking for the industry.

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Synchronised Security will highlight suspicious and malicious behaviour more effectively than a disjointed platform, which is key to a developing a strong IT system within your organisation. Using a secure connection called the Security Heartbeat, endpoint, encryption and network protection combine into a single solution, empowering stronger detection and threat prevention in real-time.

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Fast and efficient

According to independent testing, endpoints can be isolated in within 8 seconds of threat identification.

Case studies

Growth solution for MP & Silva

MP & Silva were introduced to TSG by Microsoft to help them with their impending office relocation and develop the long term strategy required to deliver high quality solutions and services to support the highly demanding and mobile user community across the globe.