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Executive Profiles

David Stonehouse - Chief Executive

After training in London as a Chartered Accountant with 'Big 4 firm' Arthur Young, I moved back to my native North East.

I later joined Price Waterhouse where I spent most of my time working with its small and medium business clients.


Mark Wood - Group Sales Director

I’ve been in the IT industry since I was 19 years old.

My first sales role was with Triumph Adler, part of a German organisation that was breaking into the computer market. It’s funny to think that at that time [before PCs were invented] I was selling ledger card machines that were much much bigger than my desk now!


Carole Beverley - Group Marketing and Communications Director

My first venture into business was at the age of 16, selling embroidered kit at the swimming club where I was the Club Captain – a precursor to what would follow.

After running the swimming programme for 10,000 school children across Greater Manchester I went on to set up a private swim school before working in sales for a couple of years.


Paul Burns - Chief Technology Officer

It all started back in the early 80’s with my Dad bringing home an RM 380Z computer, which was apparently portable and me sitting in front of a 10” green screen for hours learning programming (as it was known back then). 

I followed on from this programming with my first home computer, the famous ZX81.


Steven Lynn - Finance Director

My career began working with leading fashion design manufacturer Dewhirst as a Junior Management Accountant.

With manufacturing sites around the world my time at Dewhirst gave me a solid grounding of the finance industry.


Fleur Parker - Group Applications Director

I started out doing a variety of roles, including cabin crew at British Airways.

It was a great way to see countries and I always said I would do it for 2 years before settling into a career (and did that to the day).


Rory McKeand - Director of Business Tranformation

I have had the good fortune of working at the sharp end of some complex and innovative organsiations.

The main highlights were working with:


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