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Mark Joynson

Mark Joynson, Commercial Director

Career so far

At 16 years old, I left school to work in the family business ‘Tyne & Wear Office Supplies’. I left school on the Friday and began as Trainee Salesman on the Monday. I earned £3,120 per year, plus commission and a company bike!

The business was sold to Wilding Office Equipment PLC in 1988, with the family acquiring it back in 1992, and Joynson Office Equipment was formed. On New Year’s Eve 2000, myself and my brother Peter acquired the business from our father and Joynson Limited was born.

In October 2003 the business was then acquired by Graham Wylie, which was the first acquisition for TSG, meaning I’ve been a part of TSG’s story for 15 years-since its inception! My first role with TSG was Operations Director, moving onto Regional Managing Director and then onto my current role as Commercial Director.

What would you recommend as the most fundamental part of technology in a business?

In short, a brilliant IT partner like TSG. Our role is to offer insights and knowledge, helping our customers to adopt the right technology that will support their success.

If you could be anyone else for a week, who would you be and why?

Leonardo DiCaprio - I’ll let you work that one out!

What will next year’s most overhyped industry buzzword be?

Machine learning & artificial intelligence are becoming even more prevalent and will no doubt be hyped up over the coming year. In saying that, it can add some real value to businesses if used in the right way.

Has 2018 been a good, bad or ugly year? (slightly more than one-word answer please!)

A good year. We’ve grown our turnover, brought exciting new products into our portfolio and made a big investment in technology to get more feedback from our customers on how we’re performing. But most importantly we’re continuing to invest in training and developing our brilliant people.

What would you have as your last meal?

Chicken tikka madras and aloo gobi washed down with Chablis.

What keeps you awake at night?

My own snoring!

What piece of technology could you not be without?

My iPhone - it’s the main mode of communication with family, friends and our customers.

Have any of your predictions come true this year?

I predicted another tough year for my team NUFC.

What is the best partner/customer trip you have ever been on?

Barcelona Olympics 1992 with Brother UK - never been so spoilt.

What do you see as the channel’s biggest challenge in 2018?

The move from traditional delivery to everything becoming “as a service”. The speed at which it is being adopted is phenomenal. It’s something we knew was coming and because of the skills and talent we have in-house, we were in a strong position to offer it to our customers.

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