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Steven Lynn

Steven Lynn, Finance Director

Career so far...

My career begun working with leading fashion design manufacturer Dewhirst as a Junior Management Accountant. With manufacturing sites around the world my time at Dewhirst gave me a solid grounding of the finance industry.

From there I moved onto Arriva, one of the largest bus and train transport services organisations in Europe, as an Assistant Financial Accountant. Arriva allowed me to experience and understand the mechanics and processes of a much larger organisation.

As an expanding and international business Arriva provided me with the opportunity to broaden and develop my skills within the finance space of a considerably bigger organisation.

I joined TSG in 2009 as Group Management Accountant and completed my Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification. From there my role evolved to regional Finance Director for the North East, then expanding again further across the Northern region including Leeds and Manchester. I was then promoted to Financial Controller for TSG overlooking the commercial and financial operational aspects of the business.

From here I was promoted to Finance Director which is my current role and covers all things finance, contracts, legal and other business supporting functions such as business services and IT.

If you could be anyone else for a week who would you be and why?

Bob Dylan, he was unafraid of change. As an already unbelievably successful folk singer but never lived on the back of that success, he introduced electric guitars to the genre, making a lot of enemies along the way but ultimately changed the musical landscape which is now legend.

Has 2015/16 been a good, bad or ugly year? (Slightly more than one-word answer please!)

It’s been exciting, there’s lots going on and we’re financially in the best shape we’ve ever been. We’ve seen a big transition from the more traditional IT model to cloud and subscription-based products. We now have the right foundations in place to really drive TSG and our customers forward.

What would you have as your last meal?

A spicy curry with an ice cold IPA.

What keeps you awake at night?

Not much! But I’d say if anything, the uncertainty of how we will all move forward on a global scale as we currently stand. It’s been quite a defining year and we’ve seen a lot of tragedy and unpredictable events take place (including Brexit) so I’d say the uncertainty and unpredictability moving forward- a bit deep I know!

What piece of technology could you not be without?

My iPod. I’m a big music fan so I like it all in one place and the knowledge that I can access it anywhere anytime and I’m not reliant on an internet connection. I also have a much beloved record player and vinyl collection which is on the list too, but I’m not sure if this qualifies as technology!

Have any of your predictions come true this year?

My track record hasn’t been great, hopefully my Brexit disappointment will not be compounded by the US election result! Closer to home though Newcastle are doing well and my budget predictions for the business look solid.

What do you see as the channels biggest challenge for 2016 and into 2017?

Again I think the uncertainty in the world in general will be a challenge for us all. I don’t think anyone can correctly predict how Brexit will affect the UK moving forward, there’s a danger in that unpredictability.

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