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Business alignment

Getting your IT right isn't just about the technology. It's about people, processes and applications too

Delivering your targeted outcomes

A myriad of technologies, applications and skillsets are available to any business, but how do you know which combinations will help to address the challenges you face and make progress against your goals?

It’s only when technology, applications, people and processes are combined in a way that suits your business, that you’ll experience the true benefits of properly aligned IT.

Here at TSG, we’ve spent many years learning how to deploy managed IT services into hundreds of different business environments, all with differing issues, ambitions and unique circumstances.

Our focus is combining all of that knowledge into client-specific packages that will enable a business to achieve its aims – scalability, efficiency, security and stability.

A flexible and responsive mix of skills, expertise and service

Training and expertise are at the heart of TSG and our people. We make it our mission to have the most highly qualified experts in every field, from infrastructure to security, business applications to project management.

Your business requires specific technology skills, but chances are it’ll be very difficult to accurately meet those requirements. And it’ll be impossible to meet those in an affordable way.

That’s why, when you work with TSG, you’ll get access to an unrivalled skillset, which translates to the best service possible and true value for money.

4 reasons we’d rather talk about your business than technology

  • Scalability

    No business can afford to stand still – there will be periods of growth and there will be times to reign in and refocus.

    It’s critical to balance the day-to-day – keeping the lights on – with the blue sky – the ‘unknown unknowns’.

    Whether your ambitions are driven by profitability, acquisition, new markets or territories or building market share, aligning your IT strategy to support it will drive your business forward.

  • Efficiency

    What would you do with an extra hour each day? Multiply that by your entire staff headcount and you start to understand what we mean by efficiency.

    The secret – and TSG’s approach – is to understand how business gains are made through best-practice and cost-effective application of IT.

    Giving your business the edge is all about identifying the marginal gains at the same time as looking out for the game-changing developments.

  • Security

    To protect your business, you need to look beyond the obvious.

    TSG understands the threats and weaknesses that pose risks to modern businesses – and more importantly, how to tackle them.

    Find out more about our managed security services.

  • Stability

    We know that everyone wants to do the best job possible.

    Sometimes that can’t happen if they don’t have the right tools available when they need them.

    TSG provides the reliable, appropriate and well-supported IT that’s fundamental to enabling a productive workforce, regardless of your business challenges.

Four things you shouldn’t worry about - because your technology partner is doing that for you

  • Resilience

    Half of all UK businesses have experienced a costly cyberattack.

    That number jumps to 3 out of 4 for large businesses. It can feel overwhelming to try and keep up with the ever-increasing cyberthreat landscape. Luckily, it’s our job to do just that for you.

    But it’s not just the external risks; what about something more mundane like a mislaid laptop or a failed backup?

    Our security and backup experts are on hand to make sure you don’t lose control of your data, from locking down lost devices to implementing failsafe backups. With GDPR in full force, your business can’t afford to take risks with its data.

  • Technology trends

    Technology is moving at such a pace that it can be hard to keep up.

    But ultimately, do you really want to spend valuable time keeping up with new technology trends when you should be concentrating on making your business a success?

    We know that, ultimately, the specifics of the technology are not what’s important to you. It’s the business advantage that the technology can provide that actually matters. That’s why our motivation is in seeing your business succeed and using our expertise in leveraging technology to achieve that.

  • Availability

    Downtime means your business isn’t able to operate to capacity – whether that means you’re unable to call your customers, make sales or transport goods, the result is loss of customer confidence and ultimately loss of profit. Your employees need to be able to do their jobs in the most efficient way possible and it’s our job to make sure that happens.

    That’s why our services will ensure the availability of your systems, allowing your business to run smoothly.

  • Having the right tools

    You want to make your business a success, and you know how to do that. But do you have the tools in place that will allow you to do that?

    Our knowledge of both business strategy and the spectrum of technology and applications means we’ll recommend the best solutions to help you achieve your business goals - upgrading and improving as your business changes and new developments come to the market.