Retail and Sales

All retailers and sellers are aiming to increase customer loyalty, enhance profits and ultimately gain competitive advantage over rivals. As with most other industry sectors, the key to success it communication.

However this can be difficult, especially when many organisations do not have a fixed process for storing information. For example some departments may use paper files, others may use spreadsheets and there will be some who store information in their head. However, keeping data in an ad hock manor can have negative implications on the organisation. It will cause gaps in knowledge which can result in a poor level of customer service and this will ultimately reduce the level of customer loyalty and new customers.

TSG has helped several retailers to improve their operations through implementing an ERP or CRM system. We supply the best in breed solutions and take a product agnostic approach to supplying them.

For more information or for help and advice on selecting the solution which is right for your organisation, please contact TSG.