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Enterprise document management

As a social housing provider, you’ll deal with enormous volumes of documents, both physical and digital. You’ll also be bound by stringent regulations that require you to have an auditable document management process which effectively indexes and stores all documentation related to your tenants and properties.

What is an electronic document management system?

  • A tool to manage important documents generated by your housing management system, including tenancy agreements
  • The ability to manage corporate documents generated internally, including health and safety or HR policies
  • Providing controlled access to all of these documents available to everyone who needs them, including employees, partners or tenants via a portal
  • Bring together documents under one roof and provide easy access to important documentation

On top of your categorising, indexing and archiving requirements, your solution also needs to have the highest level of security and governance. This has always been non-negotiable for social housing providers, but it’s even more critical in the wake of GDPR and the eye-watering fines for non-compliance; British Airways has recently been fined £183m for experiencing its 2018 data breach.

How can you bring all of these requirements together into one solution that is affordable, easy to use and even has multiple use cases?

Enter SharePoint

For years, housing associations have been turning to TSG for an electronic document management solution (EDMS) which meets the requirements of the strict regulations their organisations are subject to.

“GreenSquare Group and TSG have worked very closely together and the partnership with TSG was central to our decision to adopt SharePoint Online as our enterprise document management and records management solution.”

- Rob Fletcher, Head of ICT, GreenSquare Group

Why choose a SharePoint EDMS?

  • It will never become a legacy application – SharePoint is at the heart of the Office 365 ecosystem and Microsoft will continue to develop it
  • Out-of-the-box functionality, which limits bespoke coding and makes upgrades easy
  • Third-party enhancements which allow you to customise your solution
  • Straightforward usability which allows staff to easily adopt your new EDMS solution
  • Access documents from multiple applications, devices and locations
  • A single repository for all of your documents with a powerful in-built search engine

Key SharePoint features

  • Unrivalled ‘findability’ – indexing and tagging means no time wasted searching

  • In-built data loss prevention – so you know you’re migrating to a secure environment

  • Index files based on useful criteria, including modified by, date and category

  • Add permission controls to documents to ensure only the relevant people have access

  • Set up additional compliance policies, like preventing emailing docs with financial info

  • Work on only one version of the truth with version history and rollback functionalities

  • Easily co-author documents without the worry of overwriting or losing someone’s work

  • Receive notifications for important tasks, such as users reading or signing agreements

  • Implement process improvements with workflows

Take your EDMS to the next level

By combining SharePoint with its supporting business applications PowerApps, Flow, Power BI and Forms, you can achieve functionality that would have previously been out of reach.