Respond, recover, reimagine: Embracing change and empowering our customers

I was going to write about the technology coming out of Microsoft Inspire and certainly wasn’t short of innovations to choose from. However, the key messages on change were much more significant.

This year’s Inspire conference comes at a critical juncture.  I am pleased that the event was not postponed because of Covid-19 but instead embraced the pandemic, our collective responses and proposing the way forward. Microsoft championed change and delivered a technology summit of high quality and impact through a new remote medium.

The headline message which hit home during the event this year was the simple trio of respond – recover – reimagine.  This Microsoft summary fits well with the experience of TSG team members and customers:

Respond – TSG proactively moved 330 members of our team to work from home. As a business we responded to unprecedented demand to keep our customers working safely.

Recover – TSG embraced new ways of working which have increased productivity by 20%+ in many areas returning a +10-point increase in our Net Promoter Score (from +70 to over +80 NPS).

Reimagine – TSG must now do more to help our customers transform. The term digital transformation has been overused and often put off as a best practice at some point.  It is now an immediate necessity; many household names will be replaced by those who embrace change and deliver more value to their customers.

TSG is embracing change by moving to a Customer Success model, taking a cloud first approach, and empowering our team to do more for their customers.

The Microsoft platform allows rapid deployment, iteration and change within a secure, scalable architecture.  At TSG we’re experts in this full stack and have been at the forefront of these developments for the last 15 years. 

We need to help our customers connect their new business plans to the Microsoft platform. There is no other comprehensive platform open to small and medium sized business that can deliver change at the pace that it is required. 


We will support change through education and challenging partnership. I expect everyone at TSG to challenge each other and our customers to embrace change, whilst protecting the businesses we support by empowering transformation in every interaction.

About the author

Rory McKeand – Chief Operating Officer

“I strongly believe that technology empowers people and businesses to do more.  I have spent over ten years turning ideas into solutions that make a difference in project, programme and organisational leadership roles.”

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