Announced earlier this year, Windows 10 is available to download and install from July 29th 2015.

Whilst many businesses have chosen to overlook Windows 8.1 in favour of remaining on Windows 7, it’s likely that Windows 10 will provide a more compelling argument for making the transition.

For starters, Microsoft have announced that it will be a free upgrade on existing Windows 7 and 8 devices (except Customers running the enterprise versions; and assuming the devices meet the minimum hardware requirements) for 12 months from the launch – remaining valid for the lifetime of the device.

Like any new system, it’s critical to evaluate the potential benefits to ensure that it aligns with business strategy and also analyse the impact it might have in terms of compatibility and user experience.

That’s why a number of experts at TSG have been running pre-launch versions of Windows 10 for some time, and whilst there have been some challenges along the way the majority of issues are now fully resolved.

Our experience suggests that deployment should be considered and controlled to ensure a smooth transition. TSG SystemCare has blocked the automated ‘Windows 10 notification’ from the taskbar and we are currently working with a number of customers on pilot projects.

What Next?

  • Learn more about Windows 10 and its great new features
  • Speak to your TSG account manager about a pilot project. We’ll roll out Windows 10 with a small number of users within your business with a view to companywide adoption
  • Speak to your TSG account manager about a Windows 10 readiness assessment if you’re uncertain about compatibility with any of your existing systems
  • The launch of Windows 10 also represents a valuable opportunity to review technology in general and investigate the potential to take advantage of the benefits modern solutions can bring in terms of efficiency performance and business process. So speak to your TSG account manager about a technology review.

Our support line cannot help with Windows 10 installation issues.
After installing Windows 10, it is possible to roll back to your previous operating system – however, it is important to understand that this will be a chargeable service from TSG.