Following Paul’s presentation at the NGI Business Leaders Briefing we thought it would be useful to pull together some links and resources.

There are links to a number of the infographics and statistics that were referenced in the presentation, along with some additional content that might be of interest.

A number of articles on the award TSG blog – Don’t Get Blogged Down by Technology – also deal with the topics covered in Paul’s presentation and link to further reading.

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Information Week – Dark Reading

Article by Dave Kearns
Cloud Services Adoption: Rates, Reasons & Security Fears
……by far the biggest surprise, to me, in the Eurostat survey was the reason given by those enterprises that have yet to use any cloud services as to why that is so; for the 81% of European enterprises not using the cloud, the main stumbling block was insufficient knowledge of cloud computing! In fact, though, while there are many good reasons for adopting cloud services, there is little guidance for planning it. The first step is for companies to take a strategic approach to cloud migration rather than a tactical response to business unit demands.
Once the strategy is in place, a clear definition of the business objectives of cloud-based services can be developed, the attendant risks can be quantified, the necessary policies for operating in the cloud can be documented, and board-level direction of cloud adoption can occur. Then the pitfalls can be avoided.
You need to know that with cloud services, as with most things in your corporate life, ignorance can be fatal.


Cloud Computing Innovation Key Initiative Overview
Strategic Planning Assumptions 
• By 2015, 50% of all new application independent software vendors will be pure SaaS providers. 
• Through 2015, more than 90% of private cloud computing deployments will be for infrastructure as a service. 
• By 2015, 50% of large global enterprises will rely on external cloud computing services for at least one of their top 10 revenue-generating processes. 
• By 2016, all large global enterprises will use some level of public cloud services. 
• By 2016, most SaaS contracts will include price escalation limitations and the ability to terminate contracts. 
• By 2017, over 50% of large SaaS application providers will offer matching business process services and an integrated platform as a service. 
• Through 2017, 5% of all IT job turnover will be fallout from poor risk decisions about the use of public cloud computing. 
• Through 2017, 80% of large enterprises will restrict their private cloud data center services to less than 20% of their total data center services. 
• Through 2020, the most common use of cloud services will be a hybrid model combining on-premises and external cloud services.

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