TSG Traveller 

A custom CRM solution for the Rail sector built by accredited specialists 

What is TSG Traveller? 

Traveller is TSG’s unique CRM solution for Train Operating Companies. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform technology, the solution has been developed with both customer service and contact centre productivity in mind.  

What can Traveller do?

Fully configurable Delay Repay capabilities

The ability to fully automate all case types (including Delay Repay)

Strong anti-fraud measures and reporting functionality

Produces ORR reports and supports other industry reporting, such as to the DfT

Rail technology, rail it solutions

A dedicated CRM platform for Rail, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

When it comes to CRM systems, we know Microsoft Dynamics 365 is ideal for the rail sector. D365 gives you total control with complete integration with external systems.  

Learn more about D365 and Microsoft in the links below.

Dynamics 365 Microsoft

An Automated Delay Repay (ADR) solution  

Utilising key industry data sources such as DARWIN and National Rail, alongside advanced route assessment analytics, Traveller can validate journey information and then correctly action Delay Repay Claims. 

This includes processing of all case and journey types including: 

  • Non-compensable Claim Automation 
  • Full OTOC automation including handover to Related TOC. 
  • Compensation Calculations based on verified Journey and Ticket details 
  • Ability to validate multi-leg journey, Join/Split Journeys and journeys reported as CAPED and PINED. 

Powerful automation capabilities 

Traveller also contains powerful automation capabilities that allows Train Operators to fully process both Delay Repay and Non-Delay Repay cases. Automated workflow, multi-channel communication and a standard library of content ensure that customer care teams operate effectively and efficiently, and cases are handled promptly.


Anti-Fraud measures and reporting 

Traveller also features comprehensive Anti-Fraud capabilities allowing Train Operators to identify potential fraud, and this is further complemented by an extensive Anti-Fraud Reporting suite that outlines anomalies for review. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For Delay Repay claims the automation will fully process the claim and take the necessary action. This includes processing of OTOC, Non-compensable claims and where necessary the calculation of Compensation. Automated processing also utilises Traveller’s fraud capabilities and where necessary will refer cases to an agent for review. 


For Non-Delay Repay Cases, Traveller can fully automated both a templated response and where necessary a fixed compensation amount. This can be utilised for bulk processing of cases following an incident or can be used for automatically dealing with claims where you have a standardised response. 

These capabilities work at both Contact and Case level and including instances such as: 

  • Contacts Flags for Watchlist (Contact monitoring) 
  • Contact Flag for anti-Fraud (Contact restriction)  
  • Custom contact Fraud Indicators 
  • Identify and link duplicate Claims 
  • Identify and link duplicate Tickets 
  • Customer on another Journey (Case Outcome) 
  • Previously Compensated Ticket Total (Case Outcome) 
  • Built in Compensation Approval Process 

This includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Matching Contact Details across Different Contacts 
  • Duplicate Fulfilment details across Different Contacts 
  • Use of the Same Ticket across Different Contacts 
  • Potential Duplicate Tickets (Reference, Location code/Ticket number match) 
  • Overlapping Journeys for the same Contact 
  • Same Ticket overused by Same Contact 

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