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Business process

Our in-depth knowledge of business processes means we can make yours more efficient, streamlined and accurate

Every business will have at least one process which is manual, time-consuming and prone to error.

We rely on these processes to run our businesses, but what if we could make them more efficient, effective and accurate?

What would you like to do with your most inefficient business process? Chances are, we’ve already encountered the same issue and implemented a solution.

Accessible automation tools

A lot of business processes have remained time-consuming and manual because of the costs associated with truly intelligent, automated processes. But these solutions are no longer available just to the large enterprise; thanks to readily available tools included in Office 365, you can achieve enterprise-level functionality using tools already at your disposal.

Combining SharePoint with its supporting business applications Flow (a workflow automation tool), PowerApps (an app-builder) and Power BI (for integrated analytics), TSG has built solutions that have streamlined, digitised and, simply, revolutionised businesses across the UK.

Did we mention we’ve been awarded Microsoft Preferred status for these solutions?

SharePoint Business Applications Partner Program

Thanks to our work in implementing solutions that have solved a myriad of business process issues, we were the first UK-based partner to be included on the prestigious SharePoint Business Applications Partner Program.

As one of only 12 worldwide charter members, we’ve been identified by Microsoft as an industry leader in these solutions. Read more

We can make your processes:

  • Streamlined

    Are you bogged down by bureaucracy? We can make that a thing of the past. Thanks to years of experience in getting to know every process in our customers’ businesses, we can identify the parts of your process that could be more efficient or removed entirely, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

    Sound too good to be true? Find out how we saved Home Group thousands of pounds and hours.

    Cutting Home Group’s training requirements by 70%

  • Digitised

    It’s alarming how many businesses still rely on processes that are paper-based from start to finish. That’s not only hard to manage, but it’s risk-prone and laborious. By moving to a digital process, you’ll save time and money as well as having more accurate information at your fingertips.

    Digitising H. Malone’s field engineer task management

    Automating Trafford Housing Trust’s tenant onboarding process

  • Accurate

    Inaccurate data could impact your business in a number of ways. You could store incorrect information on your customers, which affects the way they perceive you, or you might record the wrong details from a support request that leads to you sending an engineer when not required. Guided solutions can help ensure the data you record is accurate.

    Reducing Home Group’s visit error rate to under 3%

  • Automated

    Completely automated processes sound too good to be true. Surely there should be some form of human intervention? However, automated doesn’t necessarily mean completely navigated by robots. Sometimes, automated processes can guide your people and auto-generate documents or report, freeing your people up to add value.

    Auto-generated documentation for Trafford Housing Trust