Beyond Numbers: Powering Up Your Finance and Supply Chain with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 

Do you often find that laborious manual processes, unstructured data silos and errors are ruining the chances of your business growing? Are you concerned about outdated processes and systems, and the effect this is having on security and compliance? 

Outdated technology is a breeding ground for issues that will hamper the growth of your business. However, we understand it’s daunting to think about installing new technology and processes to address these issues. 

We know your main concern is whether this will disrupt the day to day workload, learning a new system and ensuring all the connectors are in place – however, there is a service we would strongly suggest could overcome all of these concerns and more – Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. 

Why should you consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC for your business? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is not your average ERP system. One of its core strengths is its ability to seamlessly integrate with finance and supply chain functions by breaking down silos between different departments – ultimately leading to collaboration and efficiency.  

Here’s why it’s worth considering: 

Real-Time Data Sync: Stop waiting around for data updates. Dynamics BC keeps everything in sync in real-time. Think of it as a personal assistant, ensuring your financial and supply chain data is on the same page, reducing the chance of slip-ups and boosting the accuracy of your decision making.  

End-to-End Visibility: Dynamics BC connects the dots of all your business processes, so you get a complete overview of your business. With it, you can track transactions, inventory levels, and dive into the details of financial impacts throughout the entire supply chain.  

Workflow Automation: Worry less about the manual grind of trying to ensure deadlines are met and processes are done in a timely manner. Dynamics BC can take care of that by automating workflows and ensuring there are less errors that might come with manual data entry.  

What can Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC do for your finance and supply chain? 

At the core of Dynamics BC is its unified interface and a user-friendly and cohesive platform designed to enhance accessibility across diverse departments. This streamlined interface simplifies the user experience, making it intuitive for individuals with varying roles and responsibilities within your business. 

We could tell you more, but we’d rather show you in our upcoming webinar.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics BC in our upcoming webinar 

Join Kevin Moore, Head of Pre Sales at TSG, and Calvin Sinclair, Presales Consultant, in our upcoming Dynamics BC webinar. They will give valuable insights and practical knowledge on leveraging Dynamics 365 Business Central, and learn how this can enhance your finance and supply chain within your business.

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