Modern Workplace

Modernising legacy tech and processes to improve business performance.


A structured approach to the modern workplace

Legacy technology and applications can be a challenge if they’re not performing as well as they should be, but would the upheaval caused by replacing them outweigh the benefits?

At TSG, our unique approach provides a methodology for understanding your current IT environment and then implementing a structured plan to help you modernise or replatform legacy applications. With expert consultancy every step of the way, we can ensure that you see tangible business benefits with every phase of improvements, whilst keeping disruption and downtime to a minimum.


Continuously improving technology to keep your business growing

Whether you want to upgrade outdated applications, replace “temporary” working-from-home measures with something more permanent, overhaul your organisation’s cybersecurity, or simply make your existing systems faster and more reliable, we can help.

A partnership with TSG focusses on your business first and IT second, so you can be confident that every change we recommend will bring you closer to your long-term goals.

Why Choose TSG?


Exceptional support

With an NPS score of 82, our clients love working with us, and we think you will too.


Transformation experts

We’ve supported businesses in a wide range of sectors to modernise their IT infrastructure.


Focussed on you

We explore your business needs first, and IT second, so the products and services we provide are tailored to your exact needs.

“We are benefitting from TSG’s strategic advice, support, as well as the ‘nitty gritty’ stuff. TSG’s distinguished level of service is something you don’t come across often.”

Chadwick Lawrence

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