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Working together effectively

“Having Sage 200c integrated with Office 365 delivers real value with dashboards to give us the information we need quickly. It’s exciting to know that we can tailor our Sage 200c solution if required when developments are released. Our move to Office 365 has dramatically transformed the way we work and communicate as a team.”

- Hilary, Finance & Personnel Director, Charity

Whether you are launching new products and services or adapting new business strategies, innovation emerges from the interactions of members of a team, community, or ecosystem, who extend and build on one another’s ideas.

Collaboration sits at the heart of the digital transformation agenda, supporting people to work more effectively together whether it’s working with colleagues in different locations, avoiding the confusing caused by the duplication of key documents or automating processes.

As Microsoft Gold Partner for Content and Collaboration, working with businesses to improve efficiency comes as second nature to our team of experts, whose starting point is to understand your business, your processes and what you could do better.

What could you do more effectively?

  • Get rid of inefficient paper-based processes.

  • Avoid rekeying or duplicating information.

  • Manage your ISO processes and compliance.

  • Simplify and automate expenses claims or holiday requests.

  • Provide controlled access to project documents.

  • Share definitive documents by implementing version control.

  • Create an information bank to support colleagues

  • Build idiot-proof workflow to eliminate unnecessary errors

Key solutions that underpin collaboration

Office 365

With the introduction of tools including Teams, Planner and Flow, Office 365 is fast becoming the go-to solution for collaboration.

Each group created within Office 365 Groups can be departmental or cross-functional for projects – these are benefits from a shared workspace built automatically in SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a powerful tool included within Office 365 that can tackle almost anything that’s on your ‘if only we had something to…..’ business wishlist.

Speak to our team of award-winning SharePoint experts today, they're are at their best when challenged with developing a creative and intelligent solution to improve, or rather transform, business processes.

Case Studies

Office 365, SharePoint and IT Support for Large Football Charity

A move to the Cloud was key to the Foundation’s modernisation plans. Moving all their applications to a datacentre would allow them to become much more agile.

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