Excel Integration for Pegasus Software

Discover the truth behind your company accounts and make the right decisions, instantly.

The intuitive Pegasus XRL allows Microsoft Excel access to live data at the click of a mouse, so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-key or work out formulas. For years, accounting system users have had to struggle with complicated and inflexible reporting tools that are supposed to make things easier. In fact, they make extracting data into Excel a real trial.

Pegasus XRL brings such struggles to an end - XRL is Pegasus's Excel Reporting Layer and Business Intelligence system. It seamlessly integrates your financial information into Microsoft Excel in a couple of simple steps. Pegasus XRL is a proven, popular and cost effective tool for customers operating Pegasus accounting software.

Pegasus XRL will provide your business with benefits including;

  • Significant time savings over manual entry
  • Accurate data transfers ensuring accurate results
  • Powerful analytical tools for better and quicker results
  • The dynamic link between your accounts system and Excel can provide instant management information enabling timely decision making
  • Powerful reporting tools can present data in easy-to-understand graphical form
  • Use Pegasus XRL’s powerful reporting tools to analyse your data and spot looming issues and opportunities, in order to get the very best value from your company’s information
  • Pegasus XRL technology is currently used by over 17,000 companies worldwide